Install WordPress Via Cpanle


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Install WordPress via Cpanel

After Purchasing of Domain and Hosting plane. Login to Cpanel with login details provided by Domain and Hosting Service provider. Click  WordPress Icon there in Cpanel, you are going to Software Setup page.

Install WordPress

First choose protocol anyone you want Http:// or http://www, with www or without www. Chose domain to give a name to Directory

Enter site name in site settings tab and put site description. Enable or disable Multisite (WPMU) this is a restriction for multiple login attempts

Give an admin username and password, Password should be strong (ie: @7Xxxxx) one special character a number and can uppercase (its show you week and strong meter in the bottom with red for week green for strong) put admin email after that.

Click Install button below which is in blue (See Image Below)



The page was redirected to image below ( Congratulations, the software installed successfully ) click Administration URL  and login  WordPress  


Now your URL shows you this should bite of slow down of loading time of the website, so dome some work of it.

Simply, goes to Cpanel and move to file manager in Files tab


and click it after that click public HTML button


in next window and it will be showing you all files in the file manager including your name domain


name and there will be the directory you are mentioned early when installing WordPress in before, click it go inside the directory. Select all files from inside the directory and click copy button there at the top.


One popup window is opened, and delete the directory name in path section (Enter the file path that you want to copy this file too) and click copy file(s) button below. Now all  WordPress files copied to the home directory


Log in WordPress website and move to Setting > General and delete directory name both in WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL)  and click save WordPress website installed in ready to customizing


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